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Volunteers Needed!
Riverview is a great elementary school and we strive to continue our academic success through classroom volunteering.  Classroom volunteers are highly valued and are an integral part of student and classroom learning.  
Most classrooms from Kindergarten through 5th Grade are in need of helping hands.  The best part about being a classroom volunteer is that volunteers get to be inside the classroom.  By supporting students’ learning, every child receives the benefits.  If your child’s classroom has plenty of volunteers, please ask a neighboring teacher if they are in need of assistance.
Music, Library and Reading volunteers are always needed and highly appreciated.  Every year there are students who need extra support, special events and projects that are accomplished only with the help of volunteers.
If you would like to know more about helping inside the classroom, please contact your classroom teacher or contact the front office for more information.

Music Programs – Adrienne Burgess email: ADRIENNE.BRASHEARBURGESS@evergreenps.org
Library - Media Center – Carolyn Essex email: CAROLYN.ESSEX@evergreenps.org

Lunch Menu and Lunch Visitors
Lunch Menu information has been added to the RPTO Web Page, www.rpto.org/lunch.  Easily download to view/print Riverview’s Lunch Menus.  Meal prices and additional information are available online.
Also, did you know you can have lunch with your child during his/her lunchtime?  Please check with your child’s teacher for lunch times and remember to sign in at the front office as a visitor.

Box Tops 
Last year Riverview made over $2,000 in box tops.  That is 20,000 box tops.

Box Tops are on hundreds of consumer products and Riverview can earn a whole lot of money when Riverview families clip Box Tops and return them to school.

Additionally, eBoxTops, like physical Box Tops, are worth 10¢ each.  Instead of clipping these Box Tops and sending them to Riverview, eBoxTops are awarded electronically to Riverview at BTFE.com and will be included in our next Box Tops check amount.

November Box Top classroom challenges have begun so get out your scissors and start clipping or online submitting.  
Visit www.rpto.org/donate/nocost for more information or email Meghan Towner, meghan@rpto.org