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What is scrip and how does it work?

SCRIP is a school fundraising program where parents, families, and friends buy gift cards from any of the listed stores and Riverview Receives a small donation from each purchase.  You can use SCRIP gift cards in place of cash, checks, or credit cards for everyday shopping.  Money raised with scrip goes towards field trips, academic enrichment, library books and more. 

Does it cost families anything to participate? Do families have to sell anything?

There are no membership fees or application fees.  Parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors can purchase SCRIP gift cards from RPTO.  They won't have to sell anything or spend any additional money -- they raise funds by using SCRIP to pay for things in their existing shopping budget.  That's the beauty of SCRIP!

What if I don’t see the store I want on the form?

Hundreds of companies participate in SCRIP.  The forms includes retailers that are in our neighborhood including past favorites: McMenamins, Fred Meyer, New Seasons, and Burgerville, along with retailers like Noodles and Company, Walmart and Target.  If there is a retailer that you don't see on the form, check out the full list at or ask us.  Please email RPTO Treasurer Phaedra Baldwin.

What is ScripNow?
ScripNow includes an increasing number of vendors, including Starbucks, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Home Depot that offer instant SCRIP cards which are e-mailed to you within minutes of purchase.  To view ScripNow vendors please click on ScripNow option on

What is ShopWithScrip? What do I need to enroll?
All you need to enroll is an email address and Riverview's enrollment code: 74A1E93837127
ShopWithScrip makes participation easy.  You can order and print ScripNow eCards or ReloadNow funds onto gift cards previously purchased at your convenience on the website using PrestoPay.  PrestoPay allows orders to be paid instantly by electronic debit from your checking account; there is a $0.15 fee per order when using PrestoPay.  Take advantage of immediate delivery of ScripNow and ReloadNow orders!

Why don’t you take credit cards?

Banks charge a 2-4% fee on every card transaction. This cuts into our profits too much to make it worthwhile. Remember the goal is to make as much money for our kids as possible. We take cash or checks. You can also use a debit card through the Shop With Scrip program at is The enrollment code for Riverview Elementary School is
74A1E93837127. Thanks!

If you have any questions, please contact
Phaedra Baldwin: